Home ShantiH was established in 2017 at Julie's 500 hour TT Certificate ceremony. The event was held in her home studio surrounded by family and friends.  Dr. Kulkarni chanted the Ganesh prayer to start the ceremony and we quickly decided that this room, this energy they had created all together, would be the start of something great. On that day Home ShantiH was born. 

As a teacher, Julie  is committed to bringing to each class a safe and supportive environment that meets every student where they are each day. She has a dedicated personal practice and continues to expand her knowledge of yoga by regular study and practice with her teachers.


Julie holds 200 RYT, 500 RYT, RPYT (Prenatal),

and mini yogis(R) Certifications and studies on an ongoing basis with Lakshmi Norwood and Dr. Neel Kulkarni.

She is a mother of two boys (one is an avid yogi) and lives with them, her husband, and their 3 pugs in the East Bay. Julie enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Julie White

FoundeR, HOme ShantiH

 500 RYT, RPYT

my teachers

Lakshmi Norwood

Lakshmi Angela Norwood, M.Ed. is a spiritual mentor, teacher and practitioner of Hatha Yoga and Patanjali’s classical Raja Yoga. Her student-mentor relationship with Mukunda Stiles cultivated a deep interest in philosophy, Tantra, Ayurveda and Advaita Vedanta. Long-term study of Hatha Yoga with Mark Horner has generated a fascination with the art of teaching and a deep appreciation of the physical form. Lakshmi’s early career as a family therapist and social worker generates a compassionate, creative backdrop for adapting yoga techniques and principles to a wide variety of individual practitioners.​

​Lakshmi teaches, speaks, and writes on Hatha Yoga, anatomy, philosophy and meditation. She leads classes, workshops and retreats nationally, and hosts community sangha where she lives in the San Francisco Bay area. 

Dr. Neel Kulkarni

Born and brought up in Yogic family and surroundings of India, studied Yoga and associated topics from very early age till now. Being an Engineer and Scientist, he developed the Adhiyoga System that integrates Classical Yoga with Modern Sciences. He teaches and makes Yoga work for what the student is looking for, rather than the otherwise! Dr. Neel Kulkarni's Adhiyoga - Authentic Yoga System of Neel Kulkarni is considered second Yoga Sutra contribution in the History of Yoga, the first being that of the sage Patanjali. Neel Kulkarni received an Honorary Doctorate for this contribution. Also, his second contribution Patanjali Code received a National Award for Excellence in Education. 

​Dr. Kulkarni has over 45+ years study of Yoga including most of the classical Yoga Texts including Patanjali Yoga, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, Shiva Samhita.

Jane austin

Jane Austin has worked with pregnant women and their families since 1990. She is a certified yoga teacher and trainer. Jane is the founder and director of Mama Tree, a prenatal yoga school dedicated to educating yoga teachers, doulas and midwives on how to use the tools of yoga to support pregnant women and new moms in all stages of the childbearing year and beyond. She weaves her experience as a midwife, doula, childbirth educator and mother into her work.

Jane’s teacher training program attracts students from all over the world interested in learning how to utilize the practice of yoga to support pregnant and new moms physically, mentally and emotionally. By training teachers, it is her hope to make yoga accessible to any mama that wants to experience the benefits of this ancient and powerful tradition.

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