Lakshmi Norwood, M.Ed.

Bay Area, California

Julie possesses so many qualities which make a great teacher . . . integrity, compassion, humor, honesty and knowledge borne out of personal experience.  She wants every student to feel welcomed and nourished, and goes out of her way to make sure they are well cared for.  Julie is a committed student, first and foremost, which gives her the wisdom and credibility that can only come through consistent personal exploration.  My confidence in her as a teacher and as an advocate for others is unmatched.

Dr. Neel Kulkarni, Founder: Adhiyoga – Authentic Yoga System

Pune, India

Julie White (Boss) did her 500 hour teacher certification with me. Her performance was totally satisfactory, meaning without a single folly. She is extremely receptive and can put into practice what is learnt at a very rapid pace. She has a capacity to study hard and lot, and understand it as well as putting into practice the things learnt. She has a potential to become an exceptionally good Yoga Teacher. Above all, she is very generous and compassionate, thus contributing to the social welfare.

 Jane Austin, Founder/Director Mama Tree Prenatal Yoga School Director of Prenatal and Postnatal Program at Yoga Tree

San Francisco, CA

From the first moment I met Julie, I knew she would be a great prenatal yoga teacher. Her commitment to learn, grow and to be the best teacher she can be was evident from the beginning. She continues to walk her path as both student and teacher and it has been an honor to witness her coming into her own. Her honesty and humor help her to create a safe and supportive space for moms. Julie keeps it real!

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About Home Shantih

Don't you mean OM ShantiH? 

In 2017, when Julie was completing her 500 hour training with Dr. Neel Kulkarni, chanting was an important part of the curriculum.  Julie's son Eirik, 3 at the time, joined some of these lessons.  His version of the chant, sounded like this "Hooooooooommmmmme ShannnnntiH." It was too cute to correct. 

Public Class Schedule


Prenatal, 6:30 - 7:45 pm 

Indigo Yoga


Postnatal (Mom & Baby)

12:30 - 1:30 pm 

Indigo Yoga


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